Recap of 30-Day Challenge Kick Off Event

Thursday, 16 Apr 2009

Four Seasons ThumbnailOverall I had the most amazing time at the EA SPORTS Active kick-off event in Santa Barbara.  It was such a treat to finally meet all of the other challengers in person and hear each of their stories first-hand. I was blown away at what an amazing group of people I have been blessed to share this truly unique opportunity with. Who knew my love for virtual fitness would lead to an experience such as this.

As I look back, there is not one single moment that I can say was “my favorite.” It was an all-encompassing weekend, everything could be considered a moment to remember. Waking up every morning to breakfast overlooking the ocean, being able to workout while watching a pod of dolphins jump in the near distance, working up such a great sweat on EA SPORTS Active that I had to literally pull my hair back (something I have never done while strength training at a gym), meeting the most amazing group of people that each have their own goals and ambitions, meeting Alison Sweeney and Bob Greene-two incredible individuals that were both so down to earth, the spa treatments, dinners, laughs, cries and hugs…oh, and let me not forget the schwag bag of goodies and toys we were sent home with :)

challengers stretching

All challengers stretching after a hard workout. Notice the spectacular view.

The first time we were asked to workout on the product, I selected an easy preset workout. After the twenty minutes were up, I felt good, a little sore and had worked up a sweat. The second day, I decided to kick it up a notch and choose the 30-minute hard preset workout. I was most surprised to see how incredibly intense the workout was. I felt great, was out of breath, my legs were shaking and I was dripping in sweat.


Me kicking it up a notch using EA SPORTS Active and trying to look good for camera :)

On April 18th, the 30 Day Challenge will begin. I am most looking forward to the preset workouts (I am not a personal trainer by any means nor do I know what exercises go hand in hand). I am also looking forward to not having to drive to a gym because I will be able to squeeze in gym time in the comfort of my home. And lastly, I look forward to seeing not only my results (my goal was to tone up) but also watching the results of others. As I mentioned before, we are a great group of people that I know in my heart will encourage one another to get through this, as we showcase EA SPORTS Active to the world.


Group shot of all 12 challengers, Alison Sweeney and Bob Greene. I had to peek my head out from the back row in order to be seen!

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