Silliest-Looking Thong I’ve Ever Seen

Friday, 27 Mar 2009

Thanks to the Jen on the Edge website, I came across the silliest-looking thong I have ever seen! I am not sure why any woman in her right mind would buy one of these. How does a thing like this even stay on? Ladies, thoughts?



Reader's Comments

  1. Who cares about how it works, it’s hot as hell and I think that’s the point. Not function but looks.

  2. Nut cup for the Nutless??

  3. it’s basically so that you can go “commando” – without your vag rubbing all over your jeans or whatever (not to mention people seeing the camel toe if you are wearing lulu lemon pants or something)

  4. lololo-you guys don’t even try to figure it out-its one of those gimics for dummies:)

  5. Bought my gf one and she loved it now its all she has she calls it the no strings attached thong lol

  6. I LOVE it! its seriously hot ;-)

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