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Lauren Head ShotHello. I’m Lauren, a hard-core Florida Gator who loves to shop. I am an American born outside of America; Miami, Florida. So, I guess you can call me a rare breed. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle (except for my fascination with brownie a la modies- as I like to call them) and just recently became a fan of working out. In July 2005, I began to work at Tinsley Advertising where I met Giovanny (Gio for short), who would later turn me into a YouTube phenomenon. As for right now, I am an account executive at OutOfTheBlue Advertising, a boutique agency here in Miami. Gio and I decided to take our love of food and turn it into a show. Launched on April 13th, 2011, Chat Chow TV™ is a mouth-watering new video podcast where we go behind the scenes with the chefs, owners and mixologists of South Florida’s celebrated food industry. Hosted by moi, the show consists of 6-8 minute episodes each individually highlighting our favorite food personalities.

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  1. Just seen ur clip on a telly programme called “rudetube” here in England!! And guess what? You ranked No. 1…Im LOL!! Funny!! Thanks for the laugh Lauren!! Good luck for the future!! W

  2. You are smoking hot and the reason why I got my girlfriend the Wii Fit!

  3. Holy shit that brownie a la modee looks extremely good, thanks for pointing it out for us haha. p.s. you’re hot.

  4. Saw a snippet of your vid on some local tv show, cudo’s to your boyfriend for recording that… you are quite lovely- with a wicked cute bum! Truely amazing how easy it is to keep men entertained…

  5. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy.

  6. You said “current boyfriend”. Does that mean you are expecting to have a different one?

  7. Nintendo owe’s you some stock in Wii fit.

  8. Haha i just watched u on daniel tosh good work

  9. damn your sexy make more videos please

  10. Saw you on Tosh.o, then looked you up on YouTube.
    I loved your video because it was spontaneous, cute, and yes, pretty sexy. I hope this experience is a positive one for you. Good luck in life.

    Go Gators!


  11. Like Russel said earlier,Nintendo owes you big time.

    On a side note,you obviously know about the hundreds of copycats that followed your boyfriends vid.Just wanted to say that even though there’s even Playmates trying to pull off the same scene,you are by far the most gorgeous and ‘real’ out of the lot.Gio is an extremely lucky man.

  12. “Show me your butt”

    Sorry Daniel Tosh brought me here nice butt =)

  13. Just saw you on TV!!! All the way down here “Down Under” :)
    Wow that’s a great clip, you’ve sold me on getting a wii. Made me and my mates laugh, and a little jealous of your bf. Cute tush too. All the best x

  14. Love you long time. Ohh, me so hony! Josh.0 was very funny. Got my blood pumping. Thanks for sharing an amazing and very important piece of documentary footage. Made my day. Dirtied my sheets.

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