Woman Shot-Puts a 12-Pack of Beer to Catch Burglar

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009

Kayte Tayor, 28, and her three girlfriends were at the market picking up some beer. While reaching into the fridge to grab the beer, a man walks by and snatches Kayte’s wallet.

At that moment, Kayte decided to lift the 12-pack of Miller Lite she had in her hand to shoulder height and hurl it at the burglar running away with her wallet.  You go girl!

The man was hit and fell to the floor at which point her friends jumped on top of him. The man was able to escape and run away, but not for long because one of Kayte’s friends, who is a security guard, followed the burglar until the cops arrived.

Here’s the best part, while rehashing the incident, the friends remembered that several male bystanders had just stood motionless while all of this went down. So guys, what’s up with that!? Were you intimidated by a girls ability to put down a robber with her shot-put skills?

Shot Put

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  1. $10 says she looks a lot more like a man than a woman :)

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