Men Live Longer If They Marry Younger…Really

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2009

Old Man with Young WomanAccording to a recent study at Germany’s Max Planck Institute, a man has a better chance of NOT dying early (exactly by a fifth)  if his bride is between 15 and 17 years his junior. Go figure!

So, in other words, these women now have real statistical ammo when seeking out their sugar daddy.

Apparently, the study also discovered the opposite to be true as well. If men marry older women, then they are more likely to die early.

Here’s the kicker, ready, brace yourselves ladies, the results suggest that women do not experience the same benefits of marrying a younger man.

Women that marry men that are older or younger (between 7 and 9 years) increase their chances of dying early. This statistics rise to 30% if that age difference if closer to 15 and 17 years).

And the reason for this phenomenon. Well, scientists have come up with two:

1) Natural Selection: only the healthiest and most successful older men are able to attract younger mates.

2) Younger women will take better care of a man and he will therefore live longer

The study examined deaths between 1990 and 2005 for the entire population of Denmark. On average in Europe, most men marry women around three years younger. []

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