Sculpt Your Own Boobies

Monday, 08 Jun 2009

My Beautiful BreastsIf you want fuller, sexier-looking breasts without plastic surgery, try the My Beautiful Breasts Kit.

Now if you are like me, you are probably thinking: what in the world makes this kit more revolutionary than just using your own bronzer to create cleavage contours on your breasts? Well my friends, this kit includes a semi-permanent bust stain.

The long-lasting stain will give you the ultimate cleavage that will last between 3-5 days no matter how sweaty or wet you get. Perfect for that scandalous weekend here on South Beach ;) Not so perfect if you mess up and create lopsided boobies :(

And now for the best part, a portion of all profits from the My Beautiful Breast kit goes to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out the below before and after pics.

My Beautiful Breasts Before and After

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  1. what a waste. i cant tell the difference between before and after.

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