Wii Spray Offers Digital Graffiti

Friday, 20 Mar 2009

To those graffiti artists who need yet another venue to “tag,” to those who miss the ability to do so because they don’t want to get in trouble, or even to those who have only been observers and want to take part in the creation process, check this out.

Wii Spray is a prototype currently under development in Weimar, Germany by two students: Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse.

According to the Wii Spray website, the product “is to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level outside of the real existing world.” It aims to give sprayers all the tools of a real-life spraycan in a digital format.

The spraycan simulates the real act of spraying characteristics and offers a wide range of different caps, paints and the possibility to use your own backgrounds (photos, graphics, etc.). Collaborative spraying on a virtual wall is planned as well.

Wii Spray 1

Wii Spray 2

Wii Spray 3

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  1. i am researching digital graffiti and this guy keeps coming up but i read that its pretty basic any ideas where to start?

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