Cool Gadget “Movie Wedge” Giveaway

Thursday, 19 Mar 2009


The guy(s) from Movie Wedge just sent me a cool new product called just that, “Movie Wedge.” The mini bean bag holds your portable media device (i.e. ipod, iphone, Zune, PSP, etc.) upright on uneven surfaces (or not) so you don’t have to. Man, I wish I had this while (watching Sideways) on my recent flight to Napa.

I even came home from work to find my boyfriend using it in the kitchen. He was watching his favorite food podcast while cooking.

I will be giving away 5 MovieWedges’ for those who can creatively come up with new uses for this squeezable accessory.

The rules:

  • Leave a comment below. Any comment will do, but if you want a good chance of winning make sure you think of something creative.
  • You may only enter this specific giveaway once. If you enter this giveaway more than once you’ll be automatically disqualified, etc. (Yes, we have robots that thoroughly check to ensure fairness.)
  • Contest is open to anyone in the 50 States
  • Winner. Five winners will receive one Movie Wedge. Approximate value is $9.99.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within five days of the end of the contest. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • Entries can be submitted until Friday, March 27th, 11:59PM ET. Good luck!

Reader's Comments

  1. Guys can use it to balance out a fat-ass wallet on the opposite butt cheek. In their pant pocket,,of course!

  2. To hold a mirrow while putting on makeup

  3. My hand cannot possibly hold my iPhone as precisely as this movie wedge can. It is essential to my movie watching. :) Please

  4. Lounge bed for a hamster.

  5. To watch my “Greys Anatomy” “Biggest Loser” “Private Practice” “Ugly Betty” line-ups on my ipod while I take my never ending 6 hour flights to Cali every other month. Spare me the hand cramps! lol

    Luv this mini celebrityism of LB! HAHA Crazy!

  6. My top three ways I would use the Movie Wedge:

    1. Hands free speaker phone holder-
    Whenever I set my iphone on my bed and call a friend it sinks into the covers and blocks the microphone

    2. An alarm clock holder for my nightstand-
    I would like to be able to easily see the time on my perfectly propped iphone.

    3. A car charging base-
    My car charger is is a plug into the iphone and a cable into the lighter socket, I set the iphone on the seat or the console when charging but because it is so slippery it slides through the seat into the back or sometimes ON THE FLOOR! I am hoping I could set this in a cup holder so my iphone can roll safe sitting in its own beanbag chair!

  7. I would use the Movie Wedge as a business card holder.

  8. I would use it to keep our sex toy from rolling away and falling on the floor.
    Ruins the mood when you have to stop and clean them.

  9. I could really use it this month. I use my iphones calculator when I do my taxes and my neck really starts hurting from looking down at it.
    This would be perfect to hold it up and in place for the long night ahead.

  10. You can use it as a media “Tri-Pod” so you can set up the right angle to record video or a camera snapshots from the perfect angle. Especially due to it’s small size this is ideal for small spaces like the inside of a car, bookshelf, or cubicle space.

  11. this looks interesting, and its affordable- how sturdy is it really7 for that price? my husband has been killing things but this he could really really use

  12. This would be soo cool to have! My hubby could use it for his PSP!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  13. At first I thought this was something for a small person to sit on. It isnt’t, though some might mistakenly. Yes I could use this as a tri-pod and I promise not to sit on it if I win!

  14. i would use it while watching tv on my ipod on the treadmill

  15. Howdi – here’s a creative comment: I need this for my kitty! Believe it or not, my cat would really enjoy this (she usually shows her approvement by shedding and purring as opposed to her displeasure which is demonstrated by playing ‘maim the monkey’ on my bare feet)… ANYHOO, kitty rules the house around here, not an easy job to see the look on her face, but she does and loves her comfort – usually at my expense. When she sits on my lap (okay, HER lap) she likes me rest her little head on something soft, like my bladder or spleen. So, I’d like to share this with my kitty because it would be less wear and tear on my internal organs and also because I might get to use it when she’s not looking. PLEASE if you sympathize with my spleen, let me win this!

  16. this would be great for people who like to leave their phone on vibrate while surfing the net or accessing media files… A vibrating phone does have a tendency to walk across whatever it’s on… not even going into how annoying it sounds… lol

  17. Neat, I could use it in bed to watch or listen and keep up on things.

  18. While this little bugger will be great for keeping my husband’s IPhone steady during his texting sessions, I think that it will also offer an opportunity for him to actually exercise. Yes, I think that the Wedge would make a great part-time hacky sack. Trust me, any exercise we get these days would be such a bonus.

  19. Dual to the finish! Hubby and his psp on one side or my lactating breast on the other. Ding! And the winner is . . . my boob!

  20. I would love to win for the DS.

  21. Reading books on my iPaq in bed.

  22. I love new gadgets and I would love to own this cute little thing! I would be the coolest person at my office.

  23. My hubby would LOVE this! Thanks for the chance!!

  24. a win i can use

  25. enter me thanks

  26. if i won this i would give it to my brother to use for his pda. i personally would use it to trick people into thinking i own a huge hershey kiss. i would offer them the huge kiss from afar and when they reach for it, i’ll be like “sike, its a moviewedge! see how awesome it is!”. actually that trick would be pretty mean, i won’t do that… well maybe to my brother. but then i’d make up for it by offering to to him as a gesture of goodwill!

  27. What a neat little device. I can get two and duct tape them to my knees for knee pads, or I can use this as a pillow for the leprachuan my daughter is trying to catch (if she suceeds at catching him). My husband has absolutely no butt so we can stick one in each back pocket and viola! No surgery butt implants. Or let’s see, it would make a great tv chair for my hamster (if I had a hamster…) and a nifty something to throw at my hubby’s head when he makes me mad (or for giggles). This thing has so many uses why, you could even use it for the purpose in which it was intended!

  28. I’d use it to hold my phone on the dashboard of my car while I drive. Hands free headsets help me talk on the phone without holding it, but I still need to push a button to activate the “Voice Recognition Dialing” feature. Hard to do when you’re doing 65 and the phone shifted in the seat next to you during the previous road twists and turns.

  29. I once gave a film critic a movie wedgie!

  30. damn, how clever is that?

  31. Well pilgram if I won this I would have to give it to my little lady for her little game player wah-hah. thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Hey,it is a cute little thing,its not going to eat and turn into a giant body size pillow is it?

  33. you are hot.

  34. Use it in the car on tripod to take pics while you drive. skyxsky27(at)

  35. How the he** will I find a pillowcase for this?

  36. I would use it to hold my computer keyboard while I am sufering the internet while rocking in a rocking chair.
    Also, I would use it while reading in bed(the kids are always toss & turning.)

  37. Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!