Will Delivery Trucks be a Thing of the Past?

Sunday, 16 Aug 2009

Imagine your new pair of shoes (or whatever you fancy for that matter) being delivered not by the big brown truck, but via a special box that travels through our sewer system. What?!

Phillip Hermes has come up with a conceptual project he calls the “Urban Mole.”   He believes that we (society) should use the existing sewer system to transport packages with a robotic messenger through a series of tubes.

The effect for all of us besides the loss of jobs :( Well, it would help with traffic in major cities and have an effect on pollution.

It’s funny because I have always thought about the system of tubes and containers the bank uses when you go through the drive-thru, wondering how it can be applied on a larger scale. My mind never thought of something like this!

Check out the pics below:






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