China Leads the Race in “Green” Jobs

Monday, 17 Aug 2009

windenergyIn the race to create new “green collar” jobs, China is apparently in the lead.

The country has surpassed both the US and Europe in wind power turbines and is increasing its share of the main solar demand market, Europe.

In the case of wind power, local demand often means local jobs. This is especially true in China where there is an unofficial rule that says that all installed turbines must include 70 percent local content. (Makes sense)

Wu Changhua, China director of the London-based environment body The Climate Group was quoted saying “A low-carbon economy is mainstream thinking.” She also took a stab at both the US and Europe by adding that the Chinese development was helped by swifter centralized decision-making compared with its rivals.

I know the current state of the economy and falling oil prices haven’t helped and have definitely but a dent in clean energy prospects…But, renewable energy seems like a no-brainer to me. What do you think?

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