Mexican Drug Lord gets Busted, Check Out Pics

Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009

What happens when a rich Mexican drug lord gets busted? Well, check out the below pics for yourselves. Everything we’d expect, right? Gold pistols, machine guns, mansions and even wild animals.













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  1. Wow.. the guns here remind of the guns John Leguizamo and Leo used in Romeo and Juliet. lol

  2. For sure… gold/silver with the sacrilegious symbols on them. Pimp.

  3. kid, solid Gold Glock nines motherfucker

  4. Another organization that got too big for its own good…
    you can tell they were running shit down in mexico; in a country that doesn’t offer any legitimate opportunities for that kind of success…these guys owned helicopters, private jets and runways all over Mexico. The druglords have a greater influence, and bring in more money than the entire public and private sectors combined. They overpower the national army in strength & numbers, who wouldnt want to be a real life “Tony Montana”?

    too bad tho…now they’re going to lose that nice mansion…the tigers, gold guns and ammenities they worked so hard to get…and spend life in prison while the cops enjoy their bounty and split your money with the mayor.

  5. Some ppl don’t understand how these drug lords ever came to power in the first place.

    Many ppl (including Wikipedia) believed it all started in the ’80s. In reality, it started way before that decade. When the US government needed a source of illegal drugs for the troops serving in Vietnam. They (US-Mexican governments) set up shop in Sinaloa (a Mexican State in the northwestern part of the country ) to produce illegal drugs and these in turn were shipped to the US. This is the reason why Sinaloa to this day, is considered a major distribution source of large amounts of cocaine and heroin coming to the US.

    That little operation started it all. Over the following years, the drug cartels were able to prosper under the protection of the P.R.I. (Mexican political party that wielded power in the country—under a succession of names—for more than 70 years). Basically, the government and the drug cartels had become as one. And that’s how they managed to accumulate so much influence and power.

    So y’know it’s funny how the US and Canada (especially in Vancouver *pot-smokin’ capital of the world*) talk about the War on drugs in Mexico as “Mexico’s War”. Until these countries have a strong demand for the stuff, that war will never end…

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