Compulsive Shopper Dies Under Purchases

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009

_45355169_joan_gmp226Joan Cunnane, a 77-year-old shopaholic who died of natural causes, was found dead underneath a pile of clothing.

Apparently Cuanne’s bungalow was so filled with purchases that it took five visits to the house before she was found.

Her friend, Roy Moran, said he visited Cunnane’s home four days before she was discovered, found the side door ajar, stuff stacked from floor to ceiling, but no sign of Joan. He returned to her house on three other occasions without seeing her.

Finally, concerned neighbors called police. Once again, the first search of her bungalow was unsuccessful because of the large amount of personal property and papers within.

Police returned the next day with a truck to clear out her home and conduct a second search. Cunnane’s body was found in a bedroom.

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