Cancer-Immune Baby?

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009
250px-pbb_protein_brca1_imageA 27-year-old woman in Britain has given birth to a baby free of a gene (BRCA 1) which causes breast cancer.

How is this possible? Well, because of the miracles of science, the baby grew from an embryo that was screened to ensure it did not contain the faulty gene (pictured above) with the same technique that is used to screen embryos resulting from In Vitro for disorders like cystic fibrosis.

Here are the facts about any girl born with the BRCA 1 gene. She has a(n):

  • 80% risk of developing breast cancer
  • 60 % chance of developing ovarian cancer
  • 50% risk of passing the above on to her own children


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  1. Cool! Always love trying something new, I’m gonna have to try this out tomorrowThanks!Mandy

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