Want Your Wallet Returned, Carry a Baby Picture

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009

walletWould you return a wallet if you found it on the street?

Last year psychologists planted 240 wallets on the streets of Edinburgh and nearly half of the wallets were posted back. However, there’s a catch…

The scientists planted one of four photos in the wallet showing either a cute puppy, a smiling baby, a happy family or an elderly couple. Some wallets didn’t have a photo at all and others had charity papers inside.

And the results:

  • 9 out of 10 people returned that wallet with the baby picture
  • With no picture, only 1 in 7 were sent back

Lesson of the day: if you want to increase the chances of your wallet being returned if lost, find the most adorable baby picture you can find and place it in clear view. []

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  1. I’m too neurotic when it comes to my posessions. I never lost any cellphone/wallet because I’m almost OCD regarding them.

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