Eat Marshmallows, Smooth Wrinkles

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009

eat-yourself-beautifulI recently wrote a post about using sperm to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If that’s not a solution that will work for you, how about eating marshmallows made out of collagen.

A company in the UK called Eat Yourself Beautiful is selling pink grapefruit-tasting marshmallows that promise to smooth wrinkles, firm skin, reduce cellulite and the inflammation of joints. Each packet of marshmallows contains 3000 mgs of collagen peptides and three packets cost about $15 dollars.

According to their website, “those who take collagen supplements will not see immediate results. It generally takes about two weeks in order to experience any real difference, and since the results are cumulative, the collagen supplement should be taken on an ongoing basis.”

Hmmm…not so sure about this one ladies. What do you think?

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