Breast Wallet: Yet Another Place to Stash Your Cash

Monday, 01 Jun 2009

The RacktrapNot sure if I have ever actually seen a woman pull money out of her bra to pay for something. But for some strange reason, I can picture the act quite clearly. And for another strange reason, it is always a heavy set woman that I picture. Talk about things that make you go hmmm.

Well, The Racktrapâ„¢ (gotta love the name) is a small, flat wallet that holds your money, license and credit cards perfectly inside your bra regardless of your cup size. This seems like a perfectly logical invention (especially for someone like me who hates to carry a purse out at night), except for the fact that you are still pulling money out of your bosom. I can only imagine…”hold on sir while I pull my credit card out of my bra.” Lovely. [thefrisky]

I think my favorite part are the instructions on the website on how to use the product:

  1. Locate your breasts. Are you a righty or a lefty? Decide what breast is most easily accessible.
  2. Place your essentials (cash, credit cards, drivers license etc.) in The Racktrapâ„¢.
  3. Insert The Racktrapâ„¢ in your bra between the cup and your breast (see #1) at the top of your cup.
  4. Make sure the opening of The Racktrapâ„¢ is lined up with the edge of your bra.
  5. Pull your shirt tight to make sure there are no lines.
  6. Use your free hands for good and not evil.
  7. Repeat again tomorrow.
The Racktrap 4 Pack

The four-pack is $19.95 and includes White Lace, Black Lace, Nude Lace plus a water-resistant sport version for the woman who loves to work out!

Reader's Comments

  1. old ladies have been stashing their money in their bras forever-

  2. My mom has always kept money in her bra. And she is “heavy set” as you put it.

  3. i love it when women put something bulky like a cell phone and a thick change purse in the bra cup and then wear a tight fitting jersey. and everything shows through. just plain nasty and tacky. but i love the look. fred

  4. just out of habit i carry my cash that way. i did go to las vegas and won a sum of money. fred would have liked me that week. linda

  5. Actually, I think this is a really cool idea. I’m a petite, but busty, girl, and I go to concerts & other public events frequently, sometimes not in the best parts of town. It’s not practical (or safe) to bring a purse into a concert venue, but I still need my ID & my cash. So, where does it go? Certainly not my pocket: it can fall out, or I can be very easily pick-pocketed. You guessed it, in my bra. I don’t cram a cell phone in there too, but my essentials, they stay nestled in the cup, which always makes for awkward lines from my driver’s license. This wallet fixes that, which I love!

  6. courtney i want to date you

  7. This would actually be quite useful for going to rock concerts. Don’t want to carry a purse, worry about pockets in some of those crazy crowds. According to the website, they even have a “sports” edition, which is sweat-proof and closes with velcro. Fashionable? No. But it sounds like a good secure way to stash an id and some cash for a concert.

  8. I have large breast to (DDD), and have been looking for a purse just for that, i put my cellphone keys and debit card in my bra, and you cant see a thing(debit goes in my cup, and the rest between-under a boob), i am not super thin, but not heavy set either, i have never lost anything there, but you do have to have good bras, mine has 4 clasp in the back, and a wider band.

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