Megan Fox Refuses to Play Wonder Woman

Friday, 29 May 2009

Wonder Woman ThumbnailI know that my boyfriend was extremely disappointed when he heard that Megan Fox turned down a role to play Wonder Woman. He, like many other men and women cannot seem to get enough of the bombshell. Now that I think about it, Wonder Woman was also one of the first women my bf fantasized about…but I digress…LOL (please don’t kill me dear)!

I would like to know what you think. Would you have cared to see Megan Fox play Wonder Woman? She was very clear when she told the UK Times Online in an interview that she thinks “Wonder Woman is a lame superhero.”

Personally, my first reaction was that Megan Fox was not curvy enough to play Wonder Woman…

Megan Fox

Reader's Comments

  1. I think she would have made a HOT wonder woman, but they would need to update her a bit. the fact she is only bulletproof on her bracelets is kinda lame, and her lasso was kinda weak too.
    buuut she is one of the most famous female super heroines. Maybe one of these

  2. Oh good, then there’s still hope that there might be an actual *actress* cast as WW instead of just a pretty–erm, face that’s been in some movies. The role needs an actress who not only fits the physical part, but can bring genuine grandeur to the character and take it seriously even at the most “comic-booky” moments.

    What they need to find is someone who can be taken as seriously as Wonder Woman as Christopher Reeve was as Superman thirty (oh my god, am I really *that* old?) years ago. Sure, Reeve’s Superman was goody-goody to an extreme that made him a bit out of place even back then, but at no time did he come off as fake, and in turn the respect that other characters had for Superman felt just as genuine. If they can find an actress, be it an established star or a new face, who can *be* Wonder Woman without *pretending to be* WW (if you take my meaning), that film would be phenomenal.

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