New Comcast Town Commercial

Tuesday, 03 Mar 2009

Comcast has recently launched a new campaign based on this “Comcast Town.” Check out their microsite, very Sims-like in a lame way.

Is it me or does the new spot below scream Juno (my immediate reaction) meets the commercials. Not sure if I am in love with the new ads. But some people I have spoken to seen to like them. Thoughts?

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  1. like. and yes, very juno-esque. hadn’t thought of the free credit connection but agree with that too. tried googling for the song artist, can’t find it, but my money is on the juno folks.

  2. I personally think the commercials are a sign of an impending implosion of Comcast…i keep seeing these lame commercials, and driving me to actually drop Comcast.

    However, my almost-4 year old really likes the commercials, especially the spelling of Comcast.

  3. It’s very Moldy Peaches / Juno esque for certain. The animation is kind of cool, actually.

    A whole batch of these and some lyrics here:

  4. The guy in the hot tub cracks me up.

  5. I think it is awful – nails on a chalkboard awful. too monotone and dragged out. so very wrong.

  6. I hate this commercial so much it makes me want to call and cancel my comcast service in protest.

  7. very much like juno. i dislike them very much. from a marketing standpoint, they make sense tho. your mind obviously gets thinking about things during the commercial(juno, lol-ing, rotflol-ing etc.) and you relate them with the company the commercial is representing. post seeing the commercial you remember what the commercial was for because of the mind play. this is the goal of the CMO’s.

  8. Sounds like old Liz Phair music

  9. Christoff…. that’s it! Liz Phair all the way. I like the commercial and the song. If you don’t like it. Turn the channel/dial. It’s a free world.

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