2009 Miami Addy Award Show Rocked!

Friday, 27 Feb 2009

This year’s Miami Addy Award show rocked. Not only were their FREE drinks the entire night (unlike last year where there was one hidden free bar), but the venue was amazing. It took place at the So Cool eVenue in this sketchy warehouse district that featured a complete ice bar.

OutOfTheBlue took home 3 Gold Addy Awards! My Wii Fit video also won a Gold Addy award!

Check out the fun pics below.


This is a great shot of the actual ice bar when inside. I am not sure how the bartender was able to stay in there the whole night. Special shot of the evening was called the purple hooter that was served in a shot glass made out of ice.

Ice Bar 2

From left to right: Beni (creative director), Sonia (Wife of the Owner), and Renny (Owner of OutOfTheBlue)

Ice Bar 3

Close up shot of the ice bar. Notice the tip jar was also made out of ice.

Ice bar 4

Part of the OutOfTheBlue table sitting on the ice sofa, lined with fur.

Ice Bar 5

Gio and I on the ice sofa.

Ice Bar 6

Gio and I acting silly. Photoshoot time!

Addy's 2009 Poster

OutOfTheBlue team with their custom made poster.

Addy 2009 Tinsley Poster

Gio, the lonley bird representing Tinsley Advertising.

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  1. Ice bar looked really fun! Nice posters!

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