Girl Scout Cookie Sales Hurting

Friday, 13 Mar 2009

girl-scout-cookies-thumbnailSeems even the the Girl Scouts are affected by the economy, with some troops selling 35% less cookies than they did last year. What’s going on people? Who can resist those thin mints?

In order to offset the increased costs of ingredients that go into their amazing cookies, the scouts have not only decided to shrink the size of the cookie boxes by a centimeter, but also package fewer cookies in certain varieties. I guess the only good way to look at this positively is fewer calories and less hours at the gym, right?

In addition to having a hard time getting people to purchase cookies, the scouts have also been cheated. People in the Bremerton, WA, area using fake $20 bills to buy the cookies, which has now prompted many troops to use a special pen that detects fake bills. How sad :(

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