New trend in Miami?

Thursday, 05 Feb 2009

Scary new trend in Miami or just a coincidence?

Miami Trend 1Miami Trend 2Miami Trend 3Miami Trend 4Miami Trend 5

Reader's Comments

  1. One word. A W E S O M E =)

  2. Looks like the same person!

  3. no way jose!

  4. i think, this is a man.

  5. oh shit. what if it’s a tranny! ewwww

  6. stupid-and not very attractive………I am going with man…..

  7. i’d say it’s the same person partly b/c of the same tan lines. i dunno… she may look hot from the side and back, but i think the front is too revealing/complex-looking for my taste. she’d look much better if her uneven-ness was covered up. just my two cents.

  8. That’s a man, baby! Look at the calves.

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