Flying Cars Available Soon

Friday, 06 Feb 2009

Flying Car thumbnailWill flying cars soon become available for consumers? There are two projects currently in the works that may offer just that. The first one is SkyCar Expedition. The company claims to have built the world’s first bio fulled flying car. The machine, which also bares a parachute, is apparently capable of driving like a car and flying like an airplane. On January 14, the team that built the car embarked on a journey from London to Tombouctou, across the Sahara desert. This car costs $73,800 and took 18 months to create.

The second flying car project is called Terrafugia and is being developed here in Boston by a group of MIT students. It is a two-seater airplane that looks like a car and apparently has wings that can be folded up. The company is going to sell the machine for $194,000.

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  1. Very cool. What fuel will it be using? Let’s get one but keep in mind does Canadian geese.

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