Why every guy should buy their girlfriend the Wii Fit

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Screenshot of Wii Fit Girl YouTube Video

Here’s the original video “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend the Wii Fit” as posted on YouTube after the weekend the Wii Fit hit US stores. It was published under Tinsley Advertising’s account on YouTube and it became a true viral video that snowballed throughout the country and internationally:

Reader's Comments

  1. nice bunda!

  2. The way the Wii Fit should be played.

  3. This video proves something I have always said.
    It’s all in the hips baby.

    Nothing else is hotter than a girl with the goods and the ability to use them.

    hehehe. :)

  4. The stripes on the panties make the buttage more voluminous. LOL

  5. MegaGeo…you’re too funny dude.

  6. You go, Lauren!! You look fabulous, and you’ve got great moves. Nintendo should be paying you. That’s probably the best advertising the Wii Fit has ever had! I’m sure their sales went through the roof. :)

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