The Day I Found Out

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Village Voice ThumbnailThe million dollar question: so, how did you find out about the YouTube video? Well, it was a hot summer day not a cloud in the sky…I kid, I kid. Actually, it was May 27, two days after the video was posted. I had just come back from a client meeting and was walking back to my office when I heard the Wii Fit music coming from somewhere. Because I had been playing with my new exercise toy all weekend, the sound was very familiar.

I started walking down the hallway peering into everyone’s office until I came to the presidents door.  I peeped my head in and asked the president if he was “playing Wii Fit these days? “He was sitting in front of his computer with his back toward me. As he turned to look at me, my eyes moved toward his computer screen. Low and behold, there I was in my underwear, shaking my butt.

I was soooo embarrassed that, without saying a word, I ran out of his office and into mine. I picked up my phone and immediately called Gio. I was so upset that I screamed the entire time. When I felt I had said enough, I hung up the phone.

Turns out the Village Voice was contacting our president to find out more about the video and the “YouTube celebrities.”

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