Less Sex, More TV in India

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

Sex/LoveIndia’s new health and welfare minister has a new idea on how to tackle the country’s population (2nd largest in the world). His solution: bring electricity to every Indian village so that people will watch tv instead of making babies. Can you believe this?

With family planning and free contraceptive programs the Indian government has long tried to encourage families to have only two children. Numbers show that 14 of India’s 35 states have reached the two child per family target.

“But the push is failing in other states, especially in villages and among the poor and illiterate where the fertility rate is as high as 3.5 children per woman.”

“There are all kinds of reasons — from the desire to continue having children until a son is born to lack of access to contraceptives.”

“The government’s concern is that a booming population will further test already scarce resources, greatly impact the environment, and make life even harder for the poor.” []

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  1. That’s why I don’t believe in having a TV in the bedroom ;)

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