Evolution is Making Women Hotter

Monday, 03 Aug 2009

evolution of womenAccording to scientific research, men these days have it real good :)

A study, conducted by the University of Helsinki, claims beautiful women have more children than their less attractive counterparts. And, a higher proportion of those children are girls.

So, why do men have it so good? Well, scientists say the above mentioned pattern has led to women becoming more beautiful over the generations. (Sorry women, but the research did not conclude the same generational improvements for men.)

The study tracked about 2,000 American men and women for four decades of their lives, assessed their attractiveness from photographs taken during the study, and also recorded how many children they had.

Conclusion: the study found that attractive women (or attractive women according to these researchers. LOL) had 16% more children than their less attractive counterparts and very attractive women had 6% more. And, in regard to the males, the least attractive men had 13% fewer children than other men.

Bottom line according to evolution expert Dr Jack da Silva “if you reproduce with an attractive partner, your children will inherit your partner’s genetic quality . . . which increases your children’s chances of survival and reproducing, thus the genes for beauty experience a high probability of being passed on to future generations.” []

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  1. Too bad there seems to be an opposite trend for intelligence.

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