Why do Restaurants Punish Water Drinkers?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The other day I was grabbing a slice of pizza (just one easactive challengers–although it was the size of my head) and instead of a soda, I opted for a glass of water. The below shot is of the cup they gave me. It was the size of my car key!

I mean come on, I had to literally get up 15 times throughout my meal to be able to hydrate myself. And, this isn’t the only time this has happened to me. It just so happened that I was a little annoyed that day and decided to take a pic.

So I ask you restaurants, why punish us water drinkers? Is it because you are greedy? Are we being punished for not spending the extra money on a drink? Or because you want to make sure you are not using the water cup for soda? I think it’s all bologna!

Water Cup

Needed you all to understand how tiny it really was so I placed my car key next to the cup for reference.

Reader's Comments

  1. Mainly just due to greed, they want to force you to buy their over priced drinks.

  2. It’s true, happens to me all the time. Sometimes they try to charg full price like at a gas station, just for the cup. It’s crazy.

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