Best BDay Gift Ever: A Year’s Worth of Sex

Monday, 04 May 2009

A woman named Charla Muller decides to give her husband a year’s worth of sex as a 40th birthday gift. She wrote a book about the “unusual” gift called 365 Nights. In it, she explains her husband Brad’s reaction when she told him what his gift was. “It’s a great idea, I just don’t think you really mean it,” was his response.

According to Muller, having sex regularly allowed the couple to work better during the day, run their house better because they were more agreeable and often made made Muller look around and wonder who else could be experiencing or feeling what she was.

When asked if sex was a chore for them, Muller replied “I won’t lie to you. In the last months we were going through the motions, but there was still a value in it, I think. Even when they were quickies and it wasn’t a blow-your-socks-off honeymoon experience, it was still a good way of connecting. It made me look him in the eyes and him look me in the eyes and connect physically and emotionally.”

Charla Muller and Brad

Charla Muller offered her husband sex every night for a whole year for his 40th birthday. Photograph: Armando Bellmas/New York Times/Redux/eyevine

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