Belt Separates Fat into Segments

Wednesday, 06 May 2009

Leave it to Gizmodo to discover the weirdest things and leave it to the Japanese to invent them.

When I first saw the below pics, my initial reaction was what a silly invention, a device to make it appear as though you had a six-pack. Boy was I wrong.

The below pic is of a rubber belt that separates the fat in your stomach, side and back into tiny easy-to-manage segments. Apparently, this allows for increased metabolic consumption of calories, which increases blood flow, which equates to more heat which equals more fat burning. Whew!

Rubber Fat Belt

Rubber Fat Belt 2

Reader's Comments

  1. HAHAHA that looks like some jackass in japan got a 6 pack plastic holder and pulled it against their belly, and decided that this would be a genius weight loss gimmick.

  2. I thought the same thing Brian… cracks me up.

  3. i wanna touch those little bulges… is that strange?

  4. yeah right………..goofie not to mention it looks really wierd

  5. but there is somehing intriging about those
    little bulges…. i agree

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