Is this why America is fat?

Monday, 09 Feb 2009

Why America Fat ThumbnailBefore I sound like a complete hypocrite, I would first like to mention that I almost always want dessert after any meal or an occasional four slices of pizza or how about only going to the Youth Fair for the food. As a matter of fact, I am eating vegetarian chili cheese fries as I write this. But the real question is, how much is too much?

I came across this brilliant blog that is hopefully opening some American eyes called thisiswhyyourefat. The above image is of a seven-pound breakfast burrito. Below are a couple more. Who eats this crap?

Called the Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt, this is three bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with two 4oz. of beef patties.

Called the Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt, this monstrosity is made up of three grilled cheese bacon sandwiches stuffed with two 4oz. beef patties.

Corn Dog Pizza Anyone?

Corn Dog Pizza Anyone?

Reader's Comments

  1. have you checked out the heart attack grill?
    food is fried in pig fat, and if you are over 350 lbs you eat free! LMAO
    Check out the quadruple bypass burger…

  2. I have seen quadruple bypass burger, that was really nuts…and disgusting! I actually thought about the YouTube video that features the restaurant as I was writing this.

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