Drawing Blood at DUI Checkpoints

Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009

DUI Checkpoint ThumbnailTaking DUI checkpoints to a whole new level, the West Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office will be setting up a new kind of checkpoint the last weekend in February.

If the West Palm Beach law enforcement suspect a driver is under the influence, they’ll offer an on-the-spot Breathalyzer (pretty standard procedure). However if drivers refuse, deputies will ask to draw blood from their arms.

Now, because it is unlawful to draw blood without a warrant issued by a judge (except in extreme cases like homicide and fatal collision), these officers plan on driving to a judge’s home for a signature and returning to the checkpoint. That my friends is determination!

Okay, I get that driving under the influence should not be tolerated. But drawing blood?

I’d like to know what you think.

Do you think the West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is going too far?

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