The Other Lauren Bernat

Thursday, 12 Jun 2008

Librarian Wii Fit ThumbnailI will try and be very sensitive with this post because it was just an unfortunate coincidence for a NY librarian with my same name. I certainly do remember how I felt when the video was first released without my knowledge.

This story starts with another girl named Lauren Bernat who facebooked me asking me to remove the video from YouTube. I decided to ignore the comment just to make things easier.

It then escalated into a huge extravaganza, making it all the way to Fox News (check out the YouTube video below). While I did feel bad at first, it was kind of ironic that a girl who wanted nothing to do with the video was asking for attention on national television. I was also shocked with the fact that Fox News, the most conservative tv station, kind of poked fun at the situation.

Gio and I first saw the Fox News interview at our local Houston’s. There we were sitting at the bar (where we often go for veggie burgers [best ever!]) and there it was on the tube.


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