Made Front Page Of My Local Paper (The Miami Herald)

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008

Miami Herald Screen Shot

Who would have thunk that a girl wiggling her toosh in her underwear was worthy of front page  news (below the fold, but who cares right).  Click here to view the Miami Herald article.

This is a funny story because up to this point, Gio had been dealing with the media. He actually tricked me into this interview by telling me “someone wants to talk to you” as he handed me the phone.  So, there I was nervous as heck answering this guy’s questions.

It is important to note that this story had made headlines across the United States. So, it was imperative that The Herald get this story up the very next day. That night, the newspaper’s photographer came to our house to re-enact the moment.

So, as she walked out, I asked her what section of the paper this would be running in. She looked at me, now knowing my personality, and asked “do you really want to know? – *Pause* – 1A.”

Here is the El Nuevo article for you Spanish readers (hey, I live in Miami remember?).

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  1. very niiice!

  2. HADOUKEN!!! yea that should be the next wii fit girl game.. Imagine the wii fit girl throwing a HADOUKEN!! hell yea

  3. nice~

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